29 September 2022

Meet Team Tecron: Our Sales and Ops Expert

Behind the Scenes: Meet Our Sales & Ops Expert

Not every customer will have spoken to our Sales and Operations Manager Austin Maguire, but because he has such an important role in the service our clients receive we want to make an introduction!

Below, Austin takes us behind the scenes of his day, explains his work ethos and reveals his favourite thing about his role.

Read on to find out more about Austin’s position at the heart of Tecron (and, therefore, at the heart of Tecron customers’ experience!).

Introducing Austin

Austin began by answering some quick questions about his work life at Tecron:

  • Favourite thing about his role? “Working with a very enthusiastic, energetic and motivated team that presents results”
  • Why did you choose to work at Tecron? “A belief in Tecron’s philosophy and vision for the next five years plus the company’s investment in its team”
  • Work ethos? “Engagement, communication, direction and transparency with team members plus implementing the structures so team members are organised, driven and motivated daily”
  • Favourite quote? “Work smart, think smart, sell smart”
  • Dream job? “Sports Psychologist”

The Tecron sales and operation specialist also outlined his typical day at work:

  • Being proactive and productive, always looking at ways to help with the company’s growth.
  • Working closely with the sales reps
  • Working with trade counter sales colleagues
  • Working with warehouse colleagues
  • Managing the consumable product end of things.

Austin, like the entire Tecron team, is proud to help construction professionals in Ireland with the right roofing and construction supplies for their project. For advice simply contact us  on sales@tecron.ie or call us on 0818 75 75 75. We’ll be glad to help.

Why Tecron?

Our business is growing fast because every Tecron customer receives our renowned, specialist service and support with each order…

  • No ‘call centres’: Expert, direct help from a knowledgeable team, always.
  • Superb products: Hand-picked, proven products we trust to perform, if we don’t recommend a product we won’t sell it.
  • Reliable supply chain: Large quantities of locally held products ready for dispatch almost immediately.
  • Delivery your way: Tell us where and when you need your order. We’ll deliver the supplies you need, wherever they’re needed.

Simply tell us about your next project sales@tecron.ie or call us on 0818 75 75 75 for help to make your next roofing or construction project the efficient, high-quality finished product you demand from every job