About Tecron

How did a business launched from the yard of our founders’ County Galway home in the 1980s grow to be a trusted name among construction professionals across Ireland?

Established by Peter & Aileen Newell in the early 1980s in the back yard of their County Galway home, the company has evolved significantly since its inception.

Located on the eastern fringe of Galway City, Tecron’s HQ is merely minutes from both the East-West (M6) and North-South (M17) routes. The property has been extended and extensively upgraded to the 50,000sqft facility you’ll see if you visit Tecron today.

This growth has been achieved by Tecron becoming renowned for the vast array of modern and high-performance waterproofing and construction systems now available for rapid delivery in Ireland.

And there’s no ‘secret to our success’. We simply combine 40 years of commercial experience with exceptional service and passion. Plus, we’re always innovating to stay ahead of our fast-changing construction industry.

To discover the Tecron difference, simply contact us. We’re here to help.

✓ No ‘call centres’

✓ No ‘call centres’

Expert, direct help from a knowledgeable team is on hand before, during and after your order. Questions? Just ask a Tecron specialist for direct, personal support for your project.

✓ Superb products

✓ Superb products

Hand-picked, proven products we trust to perform, if we don’t recommend a product we won’t sell it. We always welcome your feedback and constantly evolve our range to offer products you can count on to perform.

✓ Reliable supply chain

✓ Reliable supply chain

Large quantities of locally held products ready for delivery to a location of your choice. Plus, our dispatch service starts within seconds once your order is placed.

✓ Delivery your way

✓ Delivery your way

Tell us where and when you need your order. We’ll deliver the supplies you need, wherever they’re needed. We want delivery to be shaped around your project, not the other way around!


It’s simple, our work is motivated by one thing: exceeding your expectations.



We’ve shaped our entire business, and its values, around creating a better experience for you:

  • Customer focus: An efficient, above-and-beyond service…every time
  • Integrity: Truthful and ethical always, we follow through on what we say
  • Safety & quality: We never stop looking for ways to work better and safer
  • Good management: A positive workplace means better customer service for you
  • Continuous improvement: We learn from our mistakes (so your feedback is valued!)
  • Teamwork: We work together to create better results for you
  • Innovation: We look for creative ways to bring you more
  • Positive demeanour: Every colleague is passionate about our work and about your experience

Most of all, we ALWAYS want to know how we’re doing. Did we meet your expectations? Simply pass on your feedback and we’ll make sure to let our colleagues know.

Plus: the service you’d expect from a rapidly-growing, responsible company where we value our team and our place in the community.

We’re more than just a ‘supplier’, we’re a specialist, professional partner with a single aim: making projects easier for our valued clients.

Our Brands

Our hand-picked range of trusted products from leading brands has been hand selected by Tecron specialists to deliver their tried and tested performance. We only sell brands and products we can recommend!