Our Think Green Checklist

Instead we’ve created a Think Green Checklist with zero-waffle actions we use to inform everything we do. Plus, we treat our checklist as ever-evolving because this makes environmental impact an ongoing conversation we’re committed to keeping at the forefront of our business.

Our approach to sustainability is powerfully simple: clear actions everyone at in our team follows, and can influence, to keep Think Green an active part of Tecron working culture.


Our Environment

So far we've switched to…

  • Buying smarter: Meaning green suppliers and partners whenever possible
  • Paperless working: Through electronic payments, invoices, statements and internal docs
  • Reduced plastic: Colleagues use a Tecron water bottle instead of single-use containers
  • Increased recycling: Thanks to our warehouse plastic, glass and cardboard recycling processes
  • Sustainable lighting: Using energy-saving LED bulbs and timing sensors

And we'll keep looking for ways to Think Green every day, throughout our business.