29 September 2022

Case Study : Duane Construction Galway

A project in an amazing location right on the Atlantic coast.

Roofing project on-site in Galway.

Wind loading and thermal loading were major considerations. VB500 Vapour Control Layer fully adhered to a structural deck in double quick time with our latest primer from Quin Global the super quick drying aerosol primer. This ensures a rapid solution for vapour transmission and immediately provides a temporary waterproofing to the structure. 200mm of foil-faced PIR insulation from Xtratherm providing optimum insulation and meeting stringent U-Values. All insulation and membranes mechanically fixed to the structure with our Eurofast flat roofing fastener range with tube and screw combination used to minimise cold bridging through the fixings. Fatra FF810 RAL7016 membrane mechanically fastened and additional fixing points provided with adhered discs to give excellent wind uplift restraint. All metal flashings and trims pressed in stock sizes by Tecron manufacturing.

  • Job:                                          Duane Construction Galway
  • Deck:                                        Structural Concrete Deck to falls
  • Waterproofing Materials:            Fatra FF810 RAL7016
  • Fastening:                                  Eurofast Tube & Screw Combination
  • Insulation:                                 200m Foil-Faced PIR Flat Roof Insulation
  • Vapour Control Layer:                VB500 Fully Adhered
  • Primer:                                      Q-Deck Quick Drying Aerosol Primer
  • Upstands:                                  50mm Insulation
  • Flashings:                                  Fatra Laminated Metal

Roofing on-site during a project in Galway, Ireland.