29 September 2022

Meet Team Tecron: Our Internal Sales Wizz

Behind the Scenes: Why Our Internal Sales Wizz Joined Tecron

Because some of our customers speak to us via phone and email rather than in person, a few of our colleagues have been volunteered to take us behind the scenes of their work life with Team Tecron!

First up, our Darren Little tells us about his role as Internal Sales Executive.

Read on to discover what Darren loves about his work, his choice of dream job and why he chose to join Tecron!

Introducing Darren

Darren revealed a few things about the ‘why’ of his valued work as part of the Tecron team:

  • Favourite thing about his role? “Every day is different and I love dealing with so many different people”
  • Why work at Tecron? “Joining a forward-thinking, family-run business has been a real buzz and I’m excited about what they’re trying to do. It’s all about making the staff happy, work/life balance and having a close-knit team plus most of all the craic is mighty!”
  • Work ethos? “Get it done today, not tomorrow”
  • Favourite quote? “Employees come first, if you take care of employees they’ll take care of the clients”
  • Dream job? “Sports journalist”

However, customers who deal with Darren might only see part of his job. He explained that his typical day, covering all of the Republic of Ireland, involves a large range of tasks related to making sure clients receive the products they need…and fast:

  • Lots of emails
  • Liaising with the sales reps to discuss orders
  • Dealing with tech drawings, sending them out to in-house production team
  • Dealing with customers face to face, answering customer phone calls and emails
  • Building up contacts
  • Speaking to contractors and the QS on site, linking in with sales reps
  • Organising deliveries, liaising with transport companies or working with own delivery staff
  • Acting as the potential customer’s point of contact, liaising with their professionals, linking in with sales reps and production team and organising deliveries

Darren, like the entire Tecron team, is proud to help construction professionals in Ireland with the right roofing and construction supplies for their project. For advice simply contact us  on sales@tecron.ie or call us on 0818 75 75 75. We’ll be glad to help.

Why Tecron?

Our business is growing fast because every Tecron customer receives our renowned, specialist service and support with each order…

  • No ‘call centres’: Expert, direct help from a knowledgeable team, always.
  • Superb products: Hand-picked, proven products we trust to perform, if we don’t recommend a product we won’t sell it.
  • Reliable supply chain: Large quantities of locally held products ready for dispatch almost immediately.
  • Delivery your way: Tell us where and when you need your order. We’ll deliver the supplies you need, wherever they’re needed.

Simply tell us about your next project sales@tecron.ie or call us on 0818 75 75 75 for help to make your next roofing or construction project the efficient, high-quality finished product you demand from every job