27 March 2024

Tecron: Proud Partners of BMI Icopal

An image featuring the logos of Tecron and BMI Icopal

Here at Tecron, we’re passionate about what we do: connecting companies, contractors and the world of roofing with solutions that can stand up to the demands of modern construction. We’ve put that passion into practice with a new and exciting partnership with BMI Icopal, a leading expert in the manufacturing of flat roofing systems.

BMI Icopal has a proud heritage, steeped in high-performance waterproofing systems for flat roofing. Driven by a commitment to finding the perfect solution for a range of flat roofs, the company are experts in the unique character of flat roofing, along with the unique sets of requirements that accompany them.

A Leader in Flat Roofing Systems 

A brand of the iconic BMI Group, Icopal is backed up with over 180 years of experience and knowledge. Their market-leading brands cover a range of roofing and waterproofing technologies, with the current Icopal range including bituminous waterproofing, single-ply waterproofing, liquid waterproofing, active roof systems, insulation and more. 

These products are backed by a range of evidence-based support and services including refurb specification, tapered insulation design, wind load calculations and drainage calculations.

An Exciting Partnership

Tecron is delighted to be in an exclusive partnership with Icopal for their bituminous waterproofing range. Together with Icopal, we are more committed than ever to delivering solutions that safeguard Irish buildings against the challenging weather conditions they face. 

This exciting collaboration will see a combination and merger of experience and expertise, bringing together a wealth of expertise to ensure we address the specific needs of every project. 

The Future is Bright 

Pat Hopkins, Managing Director at Tecron has welcomed the new partnership:

“Tecron’s new partnership with Icopal follows years of previous collaborations, and we’re delighted to see this valuable relationship solidified through an official partnership”

“Icopal’s knowledge, as an industry-leader in flat roofing systems, is counted on by roofing professionals throughout Ireland and beyond. With this in mind, we’re proud to have partnered with a like-minded company who’s passion for roofing innovation matches our own.”

“We are excited to see where this partnership takes us as we look forward to the future. Watch this space!”

Image featuring a flat roofing system by Icopal.


Learn More About Icopal

To find out more about Icopal, visit their website. For all other queries around roofing systems and how Tecron can help, reach out to one of our experts. 

BMI IE | Bituminous waterproofing (bmigroup.com)