Fully Adhered System

using Fatra FF807 Membrane

The Fatra fully adhered system uses our FF807 fleece-backed membranes in conjunction with the appropriate adhesives and primers to bond each layer of the build-up to the adjacent layer. This system can be used in a warm or cold roof application and over a range of substrates including concrete, plywood or profiled metal decking.

Fully Adhered System Typical Warm Roof Installation

Ensuring the substrate is clean, dry and free from all dust and laitance, prime the deck using Primer.

A bituminous vapour control layer should be installed on to the cured primer. Tecron has a range of self-adhesive and torch-on VCLs available, please contact us for further details.

Apply the insulation adhesive to the vapour control layer. The adhesive should be applied in line with manufacturers recommendations.

Lay the tissue-faced thermal insulation board in a staggered bond pattern on to the adhesive and apply pressure to the board. Only install the amount of insulation that can be weatherproofed on that day.

After laying the insulation board, roll out the FF807 membrane loose over the board making sure the membrane is running straight and the selvedge is lapped correctly.

Apply polyurethane adhesive to the insulation at a rate of no more than 4m² per litre. Wait until the adhesive ‘foams’ and then roll the membrane into the wet adhesive and apply pressure using a roller or a soft brush.

The laps are then hot air welded with a heat gun to create a homogeneous, watertight seal.

Fatra FF807 Membranes

ReferenceFatra FF807Fatra FF807V
Roll width1,300mm1,650mm
Roll length15.4m16.0m
Membrane thickness1.5mm1.5mm
Fleece weight300g/m180g/m2
Fleece weight2.6mm2.0mm
Roll weight48kg54kg
Unit weight2.40kg/m22.04kg/m2
Rolls per pallet2021

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