Abroflex Liquid Waterproofing

Introducing Arboflex Liquid Waterproofing solution from Carlisle Construction Materials. Arboflex is a single component liquid made from pure polyurethane and is an extremely versatile and user-friendly liquid waterproofing solution.

Arboflex can be used all year round and is instantly shower proof on application. Unlike other liquids, Arboflex can be applied in damp, not wet, conditions and is a moisture-curing formula.

Arboflex is easily applied with a roller, or brush where necessary, and provides a comprehensive waterproofing solution for the most difficult of details, in any location and on any substrate. Once applied, Arboflex is an air-tight and water-tight finish. 20kg of Abroflex will provide coverage of between 10m² and 13m² depending on the surface and amount of detailing. Abroflex also has a single component finishing coat for maximum UV and colour stability and can be applied up to 48 hours after the main application.

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