29 September 2022

Meet Team Tecron: Our Warehouse Supervisor

Behind the Scenes: The Powerhouse in Our Warehouse!

Tecron’s Warehouse Supervisor Dylan Gough has been a Tecron colleague for just under two years but has celebrated being promoted twice during that time.

An attention-to-detail specialist whose energy and sharp eye means customer orders happen right and happen fast, Dylan reveals his work ethos and even his dream job for our behind the scenes blog series.

Read on to find out how Dylan’s role plays a central part in making sure construction professionals get the products they need, where they need them, every time.

Introducing Dylan

  • Favourite thing about his role? “I can plan my day, meaning plenty of control”
  • Why did you choose to work at Tecron? “I feel valued by Tecron because of the opportunities and recognition I’ve been given. I started with a production job and put in a lot of effort so I was put in charge of production. I’ve been moved again to be in charge of the warehouse now”
  • Work ethos? “I like to be organised and I’m known as someone who’ll do something right and always check it over. This is important as any mistakes in orders would cause costly delays to customers on site”
  • Dream job? “To have my own business”

Dylan also set out his typical day at work:

  • Looking after customer orders, especially since customers may be waiting at 8am when Tecron opens
  • Making sure deliveries are ready to go
  • Picking orders
  • Arranging collection orders
  • Unloading and checking goods arriving
  • Restocking the trade counter
  • Cleaning the yard at the end of each day
  • Puts all orders together so delivery trucks can be loaded

Dylan, like the entire Tecron team, is proud to help construction professionals in Ireland with the right roofing and construction supplies for their project. For advice simply contact us  on sales@tecron.ie or call us on 0818 75 75 75. We’ll be glad to help.

Why Tecron?

Our business is growing fast because every Tecron customer receives our renowned, specialist service and support with each order…

  • No ‘call centres’: Expert, direct help from a knowledgeable team, always.
  • Superb products: Hand-picked, proven products we trust to perform, if we don’t recommend a product we won’t sell it.
  • Reliable supply chain: Large quantities of locally held products ready for dispatch almost immediately.
  • Delivery your way: Tell us where and when you need your order. We’ll deliver the supplies you need, wherever they’re needed.

Simply tell us about your next project sales@tecron.ie or call us on 0818 75 75 75 for help to make your next roofing or construction project the efficient, high-quality finished product you demand from every job