11 April 2024

Meeting Team Tecron: Kevin Gormley, Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager, Kevin Gormley

There’s more to Tecron than our unbeatable roofing supplies. The key behind our success? Talent. People like our very-own Kevin Gormley work behind the scenes to ensure our products reach roofing professionals throughout Ireland and the UK. In our latest Meet the Team feature, we sit down with our Warehouse Manager to talk Tecron, the roofing industry and dinner parties with Billy Connolly. Check it out!

Professional Insights 

What does your average day look like in Tecron?

“Working with a strong team. Each person has their own expertise and a hands-on attitude – it has been a pleasure learning the dynamics of this industry.”

What’s your favourite aspect of your job?

“I enjoy bringing my own knowledge to my team, creating the processes needed to improve the general day-to-day operations of a warehouse.”

Why would you recommend working at Tecron?

“I’d recommend working at Tecron as it is a well-established business with a strong work ethic in a competitive industry.”

Behind the Professional: Life Outside Work

What are your hobbies?

“Music would probably be my main hobby. I have quite a large collection of instruments including five guitars, a piano, a cajon, a hang drum and more.”

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

“I’ve lived in a few countries, and I have to say, Galway is just fine. Having said that, half the year in Barcelona might be nice!”

What’s your dream job?

“A bespoke instrument maker – probably guitars, but not restricted to!”

What skill would you most like to learn?

“Piloting a plane/helicopter.”

What is your favourite quote?

“I don’t have one, but maybe just carpe diem.”

What is your favourite song to turn up full blast on a long drive?

“It would completely vary from Debussy to Frank Zappa.”

You can only have one meal for the rest of your life, what is it?

“The special of the day.”

You can invite one famous person, living or dead, to your dinner party. Who would you invite and why?

“Billy Connolly, because it probably wouldn’t be dull.”

 If you won the lottery today, what would be the first thing you would buy?

“Probably groceries and see where I go from there!”

You’re marooned on a desert island. What one item would you bring to keep yourself entertained?

“My 32 year old Norman B50 guitar – battered but sweet.”


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